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You are a marble that someone accidentally ate.  Lost in a large intestine,  you must find your friends and escape!


Movement: Left/Right arrow, A/D buttons, joystick movement.
Jump and Double Jump: spacebar, up arrow, w button
Switch between beads in your chain: Shift button & Left/Right OR A/D
Use Selected Bead's Powerup: down arrow or S button
Pause Game: P and Escape buttons

About the Game:
The Final Bead was first made in early January 2015, for a week long game developing competition held monthly at Philly Dev Night in Philadelphia, PA. The Theme of the competition was "Cute & Gross". Somehow, my team won the competition. A year later during some holiday down time from work I decided to revisit the project, recoding the engine from scratch and including new mechanics like Powerups, switching between beads, and unlocking new starting beads. Please Enjoy.

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TheFinalBead_00.07.zip 13 MB
FinalBead PC.zip 42 MB

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